Adina Vălean, opening speech at DIGITEC 2016: No institution can work on its own to transform our administration and digitalise our processes. Inter-institutional cooperation is the only option

Inter-institutional cooperation within the European Union in the digitalisation process of public administration is of paramount importance, considers Adina Vălean, EP Vice President, in a keynote speech delivered at DIGITEC 2016: Digital Future – a forum co-organized by the IT departments of the European Commission and the European Parliament.

FOTO: Adina Vălean/ DIGITEC 2016

During her addressing as keynote speaker together with Gunther Oettinger, European Commissioner for digital economy and society, Vălean centered her ideas on the profound changes within the ICT sector and the growing importance of cyber security.

The issues debated today are all of utmost interest. But let me restate again that none of them can be or should be tackled in any other way than inter-institutionally. No institution can work on its own to transform our administration and digitalise our processes. This is why we are here today; to share visions, trends and best practices, to learn from each other and brainstorm together”, said Adina Vălean, in charge of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as EP Vice President.

The ICT are profoundly changing our way of life and our ways of work. They can be seen as opportunities or threats, but without a doubt, they are challenging and disruptive, and certainly are impacting our governments and democracies. I am a believer, I believe in the opportunities these new technologies give us. This is why we are all here today. We believe technologies can improve the way our administration can deliver, be more efficient and more productive, be more cost-effective, but also how we can be more in touch with our citizens and but also inspire our national administrations”, she added.

On cyber security, the EPP MEP added that this is an ever growing concerning topic.

By expanding our use and therefore dependency on IT systems, we also expose ourselves to threats, as shown with daily hacking stories or even recently during the American elections. Our institutions must consequently and concretely make cyber security their priority by dedicating the necessary financial means and measures to meet the needs. Ensuring a state-of-the-art cyber security strategy, but not only. In the short to medium term, we may want to move from cyber security to cyber-defence. Again, in this area, inter-institutional cooperation is the only option”, she stressed.

DIGITEC 2016: Digital Future brought together the IT communities of the European institutions to share best practices to transform public administration through IT and to discuss how the digital future will shape the way of working in large organisations.


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