CFR SA, the biggest Romanian Railway Company, is starting the recruitment process for its new managers. Which are the plans of the new General Director and what is his strategy regarding the use of structural EU funds

Dimitrios Sophocleous (foto), the new General Director of Romanian biggest Railway Company, started the process of recruiting the top management.

cfr1The National Railway Company CFR SA is launching in April the recruitment process for the appointment of new management, according to a release issued by CFR SA and quoted in the European Affairs portal The management of the company points out the priorities for the next period and the steps already taken to ensure recovery of the company.  Going one step further towards fulfilling the commitments it has assumed in relation to international financial organizations, CFR SA, one of the biggest Romanian companies at over 28.000 employees, will run this recruitment process in partnership with at least three independent human-resources firms, in order to bring in the right personnel for the five available Chief Officer positions.

Jointly with this process, CFR SA will also run the selection process for the seven vacant positions of Director, to be carried out by a company-appointed internal committee, according to the Labor Code and the Collective Labor Agreement.

The selection process is open to all interested professionals, including the employees who already hold these positions, the period of completion for it  being no longer than 45 days.

“This recruitment campaign is aimed towards both professionals from within and without the railway system, as an integral part of the management plan that we have submitted to the Board. We need a top management team that can take the responsibility for the kind of strong measures that are needed to help the company recover. In the first two months of our mandate we have already succeeded with the implementation of measures that have led to the cutting of costs and an increase in the revenues of the company. Fuel consumption is down 15%, as is the cost of services from our subsidiaries. We will also have larger revenues from rental costs on land and commercial spaces in stations. Also, the problem with the debt owed to our company by the national railway operators CFR Marfa and CFR Calatori will be settled through the joint-plan to be set up between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transportation. The new management plan gives us the certainty that we are on the right track”, tells us DIMITRIOS SOPHOCLEOUS, General Director at CFR SA.

The management at CFR SA is looking to maximize its revenue through improving its business relationship with current clients, but also by finding new areas with the potential to bring in fresh income. At the same time, the company has started talks with suppliers in order to get a decrease in the acquisition prices for electric energy.

“We can get lower prices for maintenance and repair works if we use better mechanisms for the validation of executed works and delivered materials. So we can be optimistic regarding these issues”, said Dimitrios Sophocleous.

“On the other hand, railway traffic safety is one of the main priorities. We have created in association with the Romanian Police a protection plan to discourage theft of materials and components. Only last year, the value of total theft caused by networks of criminals exceeded 10 million euros. All of that adds up to the problems already caused by the very low level of state budget investment during the last 10 years. Last year, of the 5.000 km of railway that were in need of capital repairs, work took place only on 12,8 km. Because of safety issues, but also because of commercial reasons, the state needs to invest in this critical area.

We have already succeeded in finishing rehabilitation works on the Corridor IV between Constanta and Predeal, and now we have turned our focus to the Predeal – Curtici section.

Structural EU funds are a good solution for the railway infrastructure system, and absorption of allocated funds is one of the most important financing sources. Acceleration of the implementation process for the main tenders with strict adherence to legal proceedings, while having the necessary technical assistance, can generate rapid progress”, has declared CFR SA’s General Director.

Next week DIMITRIOS SOPHOCLEOUS will continue his visits to CFR subsidiaries and will hold several discussions with the representatives of the Timisoara and Iasi subsidiaries about implementing new efficiency measures and reducing company costs.




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