Discursurile-cheie ale lui Obama si schimbarea in care lumea ar putea crede. O analiza The NewYorker

Pentru cei interesati de schimbarile profunde de discurs si de actiune la nivel global dupa alegerea lui Barack Obama ca Presedinte al SUA, iata o interesanta analiza publicata de NewYorker, care scoate in evidenta diferentele de abordare fata de predecesorul George W. Bush.

APTOPIX Obama 2008Iata si un citat, cred, relevant: “Obama never placed democracy and human rights at the center of his foreign policy. He campaigned on three initiatives—withdrawing from Iraq, redoubling in Afghanistan, and reëngaging with friends and enemies alike”.

“Rights and wrongs” poarta semnatura lui George Packer. Lectura placuta.


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