Immigration – a source of wealth and duties for Europe, 15 march, Brussels

Is migration in Europe merely a source of problems?

Or does it contribute to growth and demographic stability?

migration europeJoin the debate and listen to high-level speakers and experts at the joint conference on Migration: a source of wealth and duties for Europe (organised by the EESC, CoE and French CES) on 15 March!

Minorities and migrants nowadays are too often perceived by the European public opinion as a growing threat. However, according to Eurostat’s projections, Europe needs an immigrant population both for demographic reasons and to fill the shortfall in the supply of skilled workers. The conference will discuss immigrants’ contribution to European societies and economies as well as the moral obligation of Europe to respect their fundamental rights.

The conference aims to mobilise all stakeholders against the development of prejudices by focusing on good practices in managing immigration and to produce proposals for national and European policy-makers.

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