mediaTRUST: The top of politicians with the highest number of presences in TV studios

Ecaterina Andronescu (PSD), Daniel Barbu (PNL), Dumitru Pelican (PC), Sulfina Barbu (PDL) and Aurelian Pavelescu (PNTCD) are the most active members of political parties they represent, accordind to mediaTRUST Romania, one of the leading providers of monitoring services.

During the interval July 1-31, 2013, PSD Senator, Ecaterina Andronescu is the most active member of political party she represents with 22  presences in TV studios.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) had the most active member, namely Daniel Barbu, who recorded 16 presences in TV studios.

The Conservative Party’s representatives on TV stations was Dumitru Pelican with 14 presences.

PNTCD was represented by Aurelian Pavelescu who recorded 13 presences in July.

Sulfina Barbu and Adrian Rădulescu are PDL’s most active representatives with 11 presences each.

The journalist Florin Condurăţeanu, from PPDD recorded 10 presences.

TV appearences


PNŢCD president Aurelian Pavelescu is the political leader with the highest number of minutes spent in TV studios, in July, namely 741.

Mihail Neamţu, the president of the New Republic, ranks second with 529 minutes.

PRM President Corneliu Vadim Tudor, is ranked third, with 418 minutes recorded, followed by Victor Ponta (PSD) and Vasile Blaga (PDL). Victor Ponta (PSD) ranks fourth, followed by Vasile Blaga (PDL).

Ecaterina Andronescu  ranks first in the top of  female public figures with the highest number of presences in TV studios, with 22 appearances. The second place is occupied by the lawyer Paula Iacob, with 18 presences in July.

PDL representative, Sulfina Barbu,  occupies the third position during this interval, with 11 appearances. Businesswoman Monica Tatoiu is ranked fourth in the classification, with 10 presences same with the journalist Andreea Pora. Cristina Traila recorded  9 presences.

The first place in the top of male public figures is held by Bogdan Chirieac with 32 presences.

Mugur Ciuvică, the president of the Political Investigations Group Association, ranks second with 25 presences, followed by the journalist Val Valcu, with 24 presences.

Other male public figures present in the top are Liviu Pop (21), Marius Pieleanu and Mirel Palada  with 10 presences each.

mediaTRUST Romania analysis has taken five TV stations into consideration (Antena 3, B1 TV, România TV, Realitatea TV and Digi 24). The report contains information from the shows broadcast by the six TV stations during the time interval 5.00 pm – 11.00 pm, in July 2013.

About mediaTRUST

mediaTRUST Romania was established in 1999 and provides monitoring services to Romanian and foreign companies. Since 2004, the company has been a member of FIBEP, the main international organization of monitoring agencies, and since October 2008 it has been 100% owned by IMM – Institute of Media Monitoring Poland. Clients come from various sectors of the market, from finance to telecommunications, IT, pharmaceuticals, energy, natural gas, oil, education, sports, culture, entertainment, and politics.

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