Resumes of the VI Astana Economic Forum the World Anti-Crisis Conference

astana economic forumOn May 22-24 2013 in Astana the capital of the republic of Kazakhstan the VI Astana Economic Forum “Provision of a balanced economic growth in G GLOBAL format” and the World Anti-crisis Conference took place.

The key events of the Association  “Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists» – the VI Astana Economic Forum (AEF) and the first anti-crisis World Conference (WAC) – are held by the initiative of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In 2013, at the AEF and the WAC more than 12,000 participants from 132 countries were registered. Among the delegates to the forum and the conference there are 35 current and former ministers, 10 Nobel Laureates and more than 40 heads of international organizations, corporations and businesses. In general during the AEF and the WAC 73 events took place, including Leaders Dialogue “Stable economic development in G-Global format».

According to the results of the World Anti-Crisis Conference the Astana Declaration was adopted, in which were determined the main lines of the World Anti-Crisis Plan.The Astana Declaration and recommendations developed by the results of the VI AEF will be forwarded to the decision level at G20 summit of the leaders of participating countries, which will be held the 5-6 September 2013 in Russia and G-8, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the UN.

Summarizing the results of business forums of the VI AEF about 80 agreements and memoranda on further cooperation totaling more than 2.7 billion U.S. dollars were signed.

Since June 1, 2013 at info-communication G-global platform ( will start preparation of the VII Astana Economic Forum and the World Anti-Crisis II conference and trends discussion in virtual mode.

Since the 1st  of June  till the 1st of July, 2013a G-global competition for the best proposal of the next topic of Astana Economic Forum to be held in May 2014 has been advertised.

Key points events of the VI AEF and the WAC:


          The grand opening. Kazakhstan has approached close by to solving the problem posed by me- to be among the 50 most competitive countries in the world. As you know, we have developed political policies the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”. Its main objective is to transform our country into one of the 30 most developed countries progressing through innovative economic and social principles. We intend to develop renewable energy resources and annuallyinvest in the “green modernization” of funds in the amount of 2% of the national GDP. I propose to establish a Board of Trustees, in which frame it is necessary to fund research fundamental aspects G-global idea​​ ».

The World Anti-Crisis Conference. Unemployment in Europe reached unprecedented levels: this year the number of unemployed isabout 26 million people, which is 1.5 times more than 5 years ago. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, criticized the current structure of the EU: “The European countries follow an unemployment fighting policy hencethey reduce and undermine infrastructure projects which could create workplaces. To save Europe it is required to coordinate urgent actions and solve debt problems, which are underestimated by the Europeans. ”

PS “Sustainable development of tourism industry through creation and development of infrastructure.”Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies Kanysh Tuleushin: “Thanks to the recognized economic achievements over the years of its independence Kazakhstan by right has the entirebasis for entering a new level of economic development.” Memorandum of Cooperation between the United Nations World Tourism Organization and the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan was signed.

         PS “Fundamentals of transition to a” green “civilization”. In the development of a new green civilization the following first stepsshould be done: building a bridge between economy, environment and ethics, global ban introduction on covert leadership in the economy. Economic leadership of the countriesthrough life expectancy of people reduction which is the shameful phenomenon of industrial civilization.

PS “Development of political management in conditions of modernization of public administration.” The chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Alikhan Baimenov: “For Kazakhstan in accordance with the Development Strategy 2020 of Nursultan Nazarbayev, which comes to be the next stage of public service reform exchange of bestinternational practicesisvery important. In our turn, we are ready to share the experience of model of public servicemode which has been praised by international experts. ”

II World Economic Forum of Youth “Generation Global: youth initiatives for stable economic development.”Award of the Youth Grant of Astana Nobel laureatesclub of five million tenge. MariamVoskanyan became grant winner (Yerevan, Armenia).

PS “The Nobel Family Heritage in Kazakhstan.”Oil Museum, the Fund “Heritage of the Nobel Family” and Club “Nobel” will be created in Kazakhstan..

PS EXPO-2017 “Will the energy of the future change our lives? ‘. “The Bridge on the way from coal to renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan may become shale gas”, – the Minister of Environmental Protection, Mr. Nurlan Kapparov.

PS “Challenges and opportunities for stable development in the Asia-Pacific region.” The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP): “In 201 in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) reduction in economic growth amid a strong slowdown last yearcaused by external factorswill occur. A significant role in the region reorientation towards a more inclusive and stablegrowth can playmacroeconomic policy. This growth shall become a priority development agenda after the Asia-Pacific region in 2015”.

Key points of strategy concept are: energy sufficiency of the state at any given time at least for the future 10 years, minimizationof system generation cost of power, energy transmission and distribution; combination of basic and decentralized energy production and consumption; combinatorial set of production technologies, transfer, conversion and use of various energy sources; triple-balance transformation “economy – energy – environment” intocomplete balance ” economy – energy – environment – social efficiency”, sustainable energy, based on knowledge.

PS “The new energy landscape – key factors of futureenergy.” Experts believe that the future is after new energy sources development projects of solar and wind energy and expect new investments in Kazakhstan.

VIII Innovative Congress: “Innovative Development of Kazakhstan on the way to economy of knowledge “. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev: “Since 2009, Kazakhstan expenditures on technological innovations have increased up to U.S. $ 2 billion, the volume of innovative products – up to $ 2,7 billion, and the share of GDP – up 1.3%. Productivity in manufacturing industry has increased to one third that is up to 51thousanddollarsper worker, and the share of innovation active enterprises increased from 4%up to 7.6

PS “Regional integration. Challenges and prospects of creating a common economic space”. “Vice-Minister of Economy and Budget Planning Madina Abylkasymova: “After common customs tariff introduction in Kazakhstan exports to the countries of the Customs Union has increased.”

         «Astana Invest-2013.” Minister of Foreign Trade Nicolas Brick: “France will take part in the preparation of the international exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana. France wants to participate in the success of this event, which is of the world importance. ”

PS “Prospects of agricultural development in Kazakhstan in terms of membership in the WTO.” Deputy Director General of the WTO Alejandro Jara: “Kazakhstan has made a significant progress towards accession. At the final stage of negotiations around Kazakhstan’s membership in the WTO issuesof state support of agriculture in the country, in particular, export subsidies, sanitary and phytosanitary standards are still open”.

PS “The strategy of stable  energy future of Kazakhstan.” Minister of Education and Science Bakhytzhan  Zhumagulov: “Beginning with this year effective scientific and technical program will be launched”. Development of clean energy sources in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2017.”

PS “Can Russia and Kazakhstan rescue the European Union from the ongoing crisis and recession?”A group of scientists, financiers, politicians, managers from all over the world set up a new integrative intelligent platform Trans-Eurasian zone Razvitie. The objective of the project «Razvitie» in addition to materials of the G20 expert group is to formulate proposals for overcoming the global financial civilization crisis and a new civilized development of East Asia.
The organizers of the Astana Economic Forum and the World Anti-Crisis Conference: Association “Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists”, 14 Ministries of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “” Samruk-Kazyna FNB”, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the World Organization of Intellectual Property, the Bretton Woods Committee for updating, the Madrid Club, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and others.

FAQ: «G-Global»  is a multiservice Internet platform, which combined the world’s minds for global issuesdiscussion of global development, international virtual projects  aimed at discussion and development of mechanisms to overcome the global financial crisis. G-Global in a short period of time brought together more than 25 000 000 users from 149 countries. Conditions for the international expert community for interactive, open and public debate on socio and economic, political, cultural, demographic and other issuesare created daily on theresource. The project was supported by 14 Nobel laureates – Robert Mundell, John Nash, Robert Kornberg, Eric Maskin, John Aumann, Finn Kydland, James Mirrlees and others, representatives of international organizations, businesses, education and science.

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