The session “The Concept of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s entry into the Top 30 Developed Countries” will be held during VI AEF, on 22 May 2013

On May 22, 2013, the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan and “Economic Research Institute” JSC within the VI Astana Economic Forum will hold a panel session on“The Concept of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s entry into the Top 30 Developed Countries” involving national and international experts, representatives of public authorities and agencies which deal with problems of social and economic policies formation.

Globalization, principal scientific and technological revolution, forming the knowledge economy, new global challenges related to environment protection, world economy transformation, as well as quality of human capital became crucial point in new world view formation.

Global economy transformation creates new opportunities for Kazakhstan to consolidate and expand positions in the world markets, to import technology and capital, to develop foreign economic integration. These tendencies require making a new economic policy of the state which will consider varying world business environment.

New challenges set radically new scope of objectives and priorities on forming the stable basis for long-term development.

The purpose of this panel session is study of long-term trends of the world economy development and Kazakhstan’s positioning in the future division of labor, as well as involvement of national and international experts in a dialogue on Kazakhstan’s long-term development and ways of its entry into the Top 30 Developed Countries.

The following topical issues will be discussed at the panel session:

  • global trends and position of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the world economic community;
  • potential and factors for achieving a position in the Top 30 Developed Countries by 2050;
  • formation of a competitive, long-term, social and economic model of Kazakhstan’s development.
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