LIVE. The European Institute of Romania launches a new series of Strategy and Policy Studies – SPOS 2012

ier_logoThe European Institute of Romania organises on April 11 2013 a conference for the launching of a new series of strategy and policy studies under the SPOS 2012 project. 

The event will be attended by officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Parliament of Romania, the Representation of the European Commission in Romania, the European Institute of Romania, as well as highly esteemed experts and economic analysts active in research in European Affairs.

The Strategy and Policy Studies (SPOS) series undertaken by the European Institute of Romania are intended to provide elements for substantiating the post-accession policies and Romania’s stances on the European structure. Within the 2012 project, the research covered areas relevant for the current developments on the European level in which Romania is involved: (1) Perspectives of the migration policy in Romania’s current demographic context; (2) European Affairs Coordination at the national level. Mechanisms of collaboration between Government and Parliament in European Affairs. Comparative study between the EU Member States; (3) Taxation of financial transactions and its consequences o non economic growth, financial stability and public finance; (4) Perspectives and challenges of Romania’s exports in the period 2010-2014, from the point of view of EU’s bilateral and regional trade relations.

Participation upon invitation. The conference will be held in Romanian.

Live transmission will start April 11, 9:30 h:

Live stream by Ustream


For further information, the contact person within EIR is Ms Florentina Costache, tel: 021 314.26.96 (97), fax: 021 314.26.66, e-mail:

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