Astana Economic Forum – professional responsibility and the role of business in a Green Economy

The 7th Astana Economic Forum (AEF) is planning a panel discussion to examine issues of professional responsibility and the role of business in the transition to a green economy, the organizers announced.

green_acadEntitled ‘Smart Green Business Forum’, the agenda includes biodiversity-related issues, the encouragement of an energy efficient enterprise culture, ensuring access to clean water, the development of ‘green’ construction, waste management, production, creating ‘green’ jobs and attract ‘green’ investments.

The ‘Smart Green Business Forum is intended to give a new impetus to the task of tackling the process of promotion of a ‘green’ and sustainable economy.

Held annually in May, the Astana Economic Forum brings together prominent economists and public figures, as well as representatives of international organizations and foundations, businesses, foreign and domestic experts to discuss various scenarios aimed at solving world economic and social problems and adopting more concerted action at the international level. In the plenary and panel sessions of the 7th AEF this year, it is planned to conduct a broad and informed discussion of the important components of sustainable development of the economy.

The achievement of the strategic objectives of ensuring sustainable economic growth based on the principles of ‘green’ development and bringing Kazakhstan into the Club of Thirty developed countries designated in the 2050 Strategy involves the adoption and implementation of specific activities in the field of environmental management, introduction of modern technologies, and also increasing efficiency in the use of natural resources. Today the whole world understands that natural reserves are exhaustible, thus the question of the revision of the mechanisms of natural resource management based on ecological and social components is especially important in our time.

The results of discussion showed the importance of ecological enlightenment and education in the process of changing society’s attitude to nature, in the sense of the intelligent management of natural resources. During discussions on this issue, first of all, the necessity of increasing the educational potential of the state and business managers has been noted.  Further research must be done in the field of ‘green’ economy, which is one of the priority directions of activity of the scientific-educational center, the ‘Green Academy’.

Currently the work on discussion of the main areas of the business forum is ongoing, so everyone can participate and make their recommendations via the website:


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