Astana to host first G-Global International Summit of Journalism

astana economic forumMay 20th-23rd, 2014 the very first G-Global International Summit of Journalism will be held in Kazakhstan. The event will be held within the framework of the VII Astana Economic Forum.
The International Summit of Journalism will be aimed at raising questions about the role of the journalism in the conditions of global crisis as well as innovations in media, existing and developing tools for journalistic work with vast and complex economic data and presentation of such complex information in ways that are both engaging and appealing to the audience.

As noted by the organizers – the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, info-communicative platform “G-Global”, Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Association and “Success K” media agency – Summit is going to feature famous media personas, bloggers, international media holdings, academia and practitioners of the industry with vast experience in the field. The open dialogue platform will be become a basis for discussion of actual problems of the modern day journalism, especially one focused on economic and financial topics. In addition, current trends and developments in media, including technological innovations, will also be the focus of the discussion.

One of the anticipated events of the Summit is the G-Global Awards Ceremony with a $15,000 cash prize, themed as “New media-technologies and innovative instruments in presenting materials on economic issues”.  Media holdings, periodicals, individual journalists, IT companies, individual developers and collaborative projects between journalists and developers are eligible to apply. The journalistic project, which will manage to present complex economic information through the use of new technologies and instruments so as to make it easier for comprehension and increase the engagement of the general public in the economic problems of the global community, will win. The competition and the Award Ceremony will be held within the framework of the VII Astana Economic Forum.

In addition, to increase the exchange of information and innovations between global media and technology, an International Media Exhibition (IMX) “Information without boundaries” will be held within the framework of the Summit. The exhibition will be a meeting point for outstanding media, developers, academia and practitioners of the industry with extensive experience in the field, who are ready to demonstrate their achievements, media tools and technologies and new practices of building information business and knowledge base in the field of economic journalism.

If you would like to participate in the G-Global International Summit of Journalism, Competition or “Information without border” Exhibition, please visit the website for more information or contact directly at:

Success K Media Agency


Asel Mansurova

+7 (7172) 24 14 30


For more information about the VII Astana Economic Forum, click here.

Click here for online event registration for journalists.





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