Chair of the European Parliament’s Public Health Commitee, Adina Vălean (PNL, EPP), supports the EPP Group’s priorities on patients health and rights

Creating an up-to-date healthcare system in which patients’ rights are recognized and respected remains a desideratum in many states, including in Romania, says an EPP Group document stating that European citizens must enjoy the same rights and obligations, regardless of the country they come from.

”Health is, primarily, a responsibility of national states, but with the impressive increase in mobility due to holiday or work abroad, and along the emergence of serious threats, such as borderless pandemics. The European Union is much better equipped to face these challenges.  For EPP, it is important that all European citizens can benefit from the necessary medical treatment when they are outside the country of origin and can be compensated by the national health insurance system”, said MEP Adina Vălean (PNL, EPP), chair of the Environment, Public Health and Safety Commission Food in the European Parliament.

Through its financial programs, the EU has provided substantial funds for Member States to improve medical infrastructure and contribute to better reception and appropriate treatment of patients.



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