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EMC and INCSMPS joined forces to share and promote the results of the Team2Share European strategic partnership project in the field of adult education



The Romanian partner organisations in the Team2Share project, European Media Connections (EMC, Calea Europeană) in coordination with the National Institute for Scientific Research in the Field of Labour and Social Protection (Incsmps ) organised on Thursday, August 31st, a multiplier event to present and promote the project rationale, its objectives and the results obtained.

The event, hosted at Grand Hotel Bucharest, focused on the teaching/learning methodology developed throughout the implementation period, in particular on its innovative character from the perspective of educational sciences and the digitalisation of the training process. The discussions approached the benefits of lifelong learning on mental growth and the accessibility of knowledge through digital apps beyond the formal training and mentoring environment in schools and similar institutions regardless of age.


Being the last multiplier event of the project, the partners emphasised the added value of the project results, namely the Training programme for teachers/mentors/trainers working with low-skilled or socially challenged adults and the Training programme for low-skilled adults seeking to acquire or improve the basic competences needed to navigate through daily life and to obtain labour market insertion, both being replicated on two state-of-the-art digital apps, firstly for the target group and secondly for the organisations, institutions and policymakers in the field of education, social protection and labour.


In addition, the discussions addressed the indirect economic impact of the project as the business environment, especially SMEs, could help integrate adults from the target group into the labour market, thus having a workforce for basic/essential tasks and providing these adults with a means to an end and also a starting point for further development.

Lastly, the organisers presented the Guidelines for Formative Monitoring and Assessment of Learning Outcomes, consisting of a collection of methods for formative performance monitoring, including numerous methods of performance assessment in various formats, aiming to increase performance motivation through targeted and helpful feedback. The Guidelines are easily accessible on the two digital apps.


As such, the project was greeted with enthusiasm by both representatives of the civil society and public institutions/authorities which offered feedback as to how it could be further implemented and promoted, at the same time expressing interest in collaborating with the organisations of the project.


The event organised by the Romanian partners targeted seniors, minority representatives, socially and economically challenged adults, adult education professionals and experts, teachers, trainers, psychologists, representatives of public institutions and authorities, as well as NGOs working in the field of education, social protection, migration, labour, business, and IT&C.

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TRANSGAZ takes over today the operation of the National Gas Transmission System of the Republic of Moldova by its subsidiary, Vestmoldtransgaz



Today, the 19th of September 2023, SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA, by its subsidiary of the Republic of Moldova, Vestmoldtransgaz SRL (VMTG), the company which operates, maintains and dispatches the gas transmission pipeline Ungheni-Chisinau and is certified according to the ownership unbundling model, takes over the operation, maintenance, gas transmission and dispatching activities in the Republic of Moldova from Moldovatransgaz SRL, according to a press release issued to

On 4 September 2023, Vestmoldtransgaz signed the contract on the lease of the gas transmission networks of this country under which it will take over, starting with the 19th of September, the operation, maintenance, gas transmission and dispatching activities in the Republic of Moldova from the operator Moldovatransgaz SRL – a contract that was approved by the Energy Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Moldova.

„By taking over the operation, maintenance, gas transmission and dispatching activities from Moldovatransgaz, Vestmoldtransgaz will manage the entire gas infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova. The investments Transgaz made on the territory of Romania, the NTS developments in the North-Eastern part of the country: the Gas Pipeline OnestiGheraesti-Letcani, the upgrading of the compressor stations Silistea and Onesti 2, the construction of the compressor stations Onesti 1 and Gheraesti, the 2/2 Interconnection Iasi-Ungheni are strategic investments amounting to approximately EUR 430 million. These investments have created the conditions for diversifying the sources and routes of natural gas supply, increasing the degree of security of natural gas supply for this winter and for the coming years, as well as the possibility of extending the NTS of Moldova in order to connect households and industrial consumers that do not yet have access to these resources to the gas distribution networks to be developed later. Now, after having taken over the NTS operation, Vestmoldtransgaz is planning to reupdate the 10-Year NTS Development Plan, which will be published on the company’s website as soon as possible. Transgaz achieves growing international recognition and boosts the confidence of our investors, who are investors in a Romanian multinational company in the energy sector. I trust Transgaz’ and Vestmoldtransgaz’ teams and I am confident that the good practices that have turned our company into a leading company in Romania will be rapidly adopted and put in place in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the increase in this country’s energy security”, said Ion Sterian, Transgaz’ Director General.

The designation of VMTG as sole operator of the gas transmission system of the Republic of Moldova is the consequence of Moldovatransgaz’ failure to meet the unbundling and certification requirements according to the Third EU Energy Package, of Directive 2009/72/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity and of Law 108/27.05.2016.

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EPP Congress ahead of the 2024 European Elections will be hosted by PNL in Romania, says Nicolae Ciucă, the party’s chief



© European People's Party / Flickr

The European People’s Party Congress ahead of the 2024 European Parliament election will be hosted by the National Liberal Party (PNL) in Bucharest, PNL leader Nicolae Ciuca announced on Tuesday, noting that the EPP’s decision in this regard shows “the confidence enjoyed by the National Liberal Party and President Klaus Iohannis within the largest European political family”.

“The decision of the European People’s Party to hold its next congress, in 2024, in Bucharest, is one that strengthens Romania’s position on the international political map. By bringing to our country the work of the most important decision-making forum of the main European party, the EPP is sending a message of support for this part of the continent that has made great efforts in the context of the invasion of Russian armed forces in Ukraine,” said Nicolae Ciucă, in a press prelease sent by PNL.

The event will be attended by over 2,000 delegates from more than 40 countries, including all heads of state and government and EPP party chairpersons, along with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, as well as European commissioners who are part of the European People’s Party political family.

“By organising this Congress, the PNL will provide a framework for pro-European debate. I am convinced that all the decisions we will make in Bucharest will contribute to winning the European Parliamentary elections, something that will strengthen the EPP as the main political force for the next 5 years,” stressed PNL MEP Siegfried Muresan, vice-president of the European People’s Party, according to the cited source.

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Calea Europeană organises the multiplier event of the results of the European strategic partnership project Team2Share – Integrated Training & Teaching for Learning further aiming Knowledge Sharing Across Generations



Calea Europeană (, in partnership with the National Institute for Scientific Research in Labour and Social Protection (INCSMPS), organizes the multiplier event of the results of the European strategic partnership project in the field of adult education – Team2Share – Integrated Training & Teaching for Learning further aiming Knowledge Sharing Across Generations – on Thursday, 31 August 2023, at Grand Hotel Bucharest, Room Fortuna, floor 21, between 10:00-14:00.

The project brings together nine partner organisations from five European countries (Romania, Austria, Belgium, Greece and Turkey), specialised in communication, adult learning, research and technological innovation. Through a joint effort, they aimed to introduce a new teaching/learning method for trainers working with low-skilled adults/vulnerable groups based on a methodology using, among others, easily accessible digital tools.

The agenda of the event will include the presentation of the European Team2Share project and its results – training guides for teachers/trainers and trainees; the innovative mobile apps for facilitating the teaching/learning process; and the guide for formative monitoring and evaluation of the learning outcomes – as well as discussions on diversifying education and learning in the context of the sustainability paradigm; European strategic partnership projects in the field of adult learning funded by the Erasmus+ programme; evaluation of the impact of the Team2Share project on adult education and opportunities for exploitation of project results and future collaboration with organisations and institutions specialised in education, labour market, innovation and social protection at national and European level.

The event will be opened by Dan Cărbunaru, director of Calea Europeană (, general manager of European Media Connections (EMC), and Andreea Lungu, Erasmus+ Partnership Projects Officer, National Agency for Community Programmes in Vocational Education and Training (ANPCDEPF).

Additionally, other speakers will include Camelia Speranța Pîrciog, Director General of INCSMPS, Liliana Grecu, INCSMPS researcher and coordinator of the European strategic partnership project Team2Share and other specialists and researchers in the field of education, work and social protection.

The event is open for attendance by adult education professionals and experts, teachers, trainers, psychologists, representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity, the Ministry of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation, as well as institutions and NGOs supporting adults from vulnerable groups, opinion leaders and seniors.

The project, launched in November 2020 and running until the end of August 2023, is funded by the European Commission through the European Education and Culture Executive Agency and the Erasmus+ programme.

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Concrete & Design Solutions

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Grecia va încerca modificarea și extinderea acordului UE-Turcia privind migrația ilegală

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Premierul Poloniei îi transmite lui Zelenski „să nu-i mai insulte niciodată pe polonezi”

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Marcel Boloș a discutat cu vicepreședintele Agenţiei de Cooperare Internaţională a Japoniei despre cooperarea pe domeniul infrastructurii. Agenția va finanța 27% din costurile magistralei de metrou M6


CE amendează din nou Intel cu 376,36 mil. de euro pentru abuz de poziție dominantă pe piața cipurilor pentru calculatoare: Intel și-a plătit clienții pentru a limita, întârzia sau anula vânzarea de produse care conțineau cipuri de calculator ale principalului său rival

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Sebastian Burduja a cerut constructorului spaniol Duro Felguera și Romgaz să accelereze lucrările pentru finalizarea centralei pe gaze în ciclu combinat de la Iernut până la finele anului viitor

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Miniștrii transporturilor din UE au semnat Declarația de la Barcelona, un angajament în favoarea unei mobilități accesibile și echitabile pentru a promova coeziunea socială și teritorială


Parlamentul European va avea 720 de locuri în legislatura 2024-2029 pe fondul schimbărilor demografice din UE. 12 state membre primesc locuri suplimentare, dar România rămâne cu 33


Volodimir Zelenski și Justin Trudeau au semnat un acord de liber schimb actualizat între Ucraina și Canada


Zelenski a obținut un ajutor militar suplimentar de 650 milioane de dolari canadieni în urma vizitei în Canada. Sprijinul include livrarea către Kiev a aproximativ 50 de vehicule blindate şi pregătirea piloţilor ucraineni pentru avioane de luptă F-16

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Ministrul Alexandru Rafila a fost desemnat să conducă panelul la nivel înalt al Adunării Generale ONU dedicat tuberculozei

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“Nu trebuie să încercăm să părem mai deștepți decât cei care mor pentru patria lor” – răspunsul lui Klaus Iohannis pentru cei care solicită Ucrainei să accepte încheierea războiului

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Klaus Iohannis: În mod ironic, războiul Rusiei împotriva Ucrainei a adus rezultate incredibile, cu Ucraina și R. Moldova candidate la UE, reducerea dependenței energetice de Moscova și extinderea NATO

Victor Negrescu3 days ago

Eurodeputatul Victor Negrescu a prezentat în PE raportul prin care se definește obligativitatea cooperării loiale la nivel european și se solicită justificarea legală a tuturor veto-urilor, inclusiv cel aplicat de Austria privind aderarea României la spațiul Schengen

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Marcel Boloș: România riscă să piardă 75 miliarde de euro din bani europeni. CE a cerut în mod expres României să ia măsurile necesare pentru ajustarea deficitului bugetar


Klaus Iohannis consideră că reforma ONU nu mai poate fi amânată: Un Consiliu de Securitate extins ar putea include voci suplimentare importante precum grupul est-european

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Klaus Iohannis, la tribuna ONU: România nu-și va abandona partenerii vulnerabili; Regiunea Mării Negre trebuie să fie protejată împotriva efectelor războiului Rusiei împotriva Ucrainei


Ministrul german de Externe îl califică pe președintele Chinei drept ”dictator”: Dacă Putin ar câștiga războiul din Ucraina, ”ce semnal ar fi acesta pentru alți dictatori din lume precum Xi?”

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Nicolae Ciucă: Ridicarea oficială a MCV este un moment istoric pentru democrația noastră, însă nu și etapa finală în reforma sistemului judiciar din România

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Klaus Iohannis: Ridicarea MCV atestă angajamentul definitiv pro-european al României, fiind o reușită a instituțiilor și a vocilor societății românești care s-au auzit în stradă

JUSTIȚIE1 week ago

Alina Gorghiu, după ce MCV pentru România a fost închis în mod oficial: Un proiect strategic de țară, alături de aderarea la UE și NATO. Sper ca lista să fie completată cu aderarea la OCDE