European Parliament wants a “Copenhagen mechanism” to monitor all EU member states

parlamentul europeanA resolution passed yesterday by the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee calls for the immediate establishment of a new system to monitor the EU member states’ compliance with the European values and accession criteria, also known as the “Copenhagen criteria”.

The resolution, approved by 31 votes to 18 with 5 abstentions, analyses the respect for fundamental rights in the EU in 2012

It is high time for the EU to put in place mechanisms to ensure the correct application of European values and the Copenhagen criteria, which should remain valid after entering the EU. A monitoring and sanctioning tool should be created to this end, involving EU institutions, member states and expert bodies like the Fundamental Rights Agency and the Council of Europe“, commented rapporteur Louis Michel (ALDE, BE) after the vote, as quoted in a press release of the European Parliament, according to

The penalties include freezing EU funds

The European Commission should “immediately” set up a new system to monitor compliance with the EU accession criteria, commonly known as the “Copenhagen criteria”, regularly and in an objective manner, says the text. This new “Copenhagen mechanism” would serve to set indicators, draw up binding recommendations and impose penalties such as freezing EU funding on countries that fail to comply. This should be done in an objective way, avoiding any double standards, it adds.

The full Parliament is expected to vote on the resolution at the 24-27 February session in Strasbourg.

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