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MEP Vasile Blaga: The last day with Great Britain in the EU, the first day of a new relationship that we want to be close



Great Britain, the historical partner of the EU, leaves our table but remains a friend of the European Union, said MEP Vasile Blaga in a statement sent to CaleaEuropeană.ro.

December 31 is the last day on which the UK still applies Community law, and from January 1 the Brexit agreement will be applied, having already been signed by European officials.

“There are a few more steps for this agreement, concluded in extremis, on Christmas Eve: the evaluation of the agreement by the European Parliament, the British Parliament and its ratification by the Parliaments of all Member States,” said Blaga.

“We are talking about an extremely important agreement given that official figures show that over 3 million EU citizens live in the UK and over one million Britons live in one of the 27 Member States. The agreement has been worked on, and often on the brink of collapse, by a team led by Michel Barnier who deserves congratulations for the tenacity with which he defended the rights of European citizens and European companies. It is an unprecedented agreement, no other such agreement has been concluded by the EU so far, from a commercial and economic point of view. Basically, the historical partner of the EU leaves our table but remains a friend of the EU. Because not even a democratic vote can cancel a family relationship and a history like the one between Europe and Great Britain “, declared Vasile Blaga.

Diana Zaim este foto jurnalist, câștigătoare a Premiul Publicului la European Youth Event 2020, cel mai mare eveniment pentru tineri organizat de Parlamentul European. Absolventă a secției germană-portugheză în cadrul Universității din București, Diana urmează în prezent programul de master ”Relații Internaționale și Integrare Europeană” în cadrul SNSPA. Pasionată de promovarea valorilor europene, Diana este parte a comunității Model European Union, cea mai amplă simulare la nivel european a procesului decizional din cadrul Uniunii Europene.


MEP Vasile Blaga: Jobs are a top priority for the EPP Group



MEP Vasile Blaga (PNL, EPP) argues that jobs are the zero priority for the largest political group in the European Parliament, the European People’s Group.

“The discussion about jobs is even more important as a result of the effects of the health crisis of the last year which, according to studies, has directly affected one in five jobs in Europe. No less than 15 million EU citizens are unemployed and this is directly reflected in their standard of living and the EU’s economic performance. It is also dramatic that 18 percent of young Europeans under the age of 25 do not have a job. The EU must find solutions for them, to make the employment of these young people a priority, we cannot afford to lose a generation “, mentioned the MEP Vasile Blaga.

The European People’s Party wants jobs to become the top priority of the European Union and all European institutions and the governments of the Member States.

A debate organized by the EPP Group in the European Parliament entitled “Jobs, jobs, jobs” will take place on Wednesday, with the participation of the President of the European Commission and representatives of national governments.

Vasile Blaga also mentions that the EPP expects concrete proposals from the European Commission and not general ideas on how to create more jobs at European level.

“There is a great need for an economic and social transformation and the crisis we are going through has made this reality all the more urgent. We are in a year in which the economic effects of 2020 will be even more obvious and the impact on jobs even stronger. How many companies in the fields directly affected by the health crisis will still have the resources to recover, to reopen, to keep their employees? The EU Member States must give up selfish impulses and we must all accept that together we are stronger. Any decision taken at the European level must answer positively to the question of whether it leads to the creation of new jobs “, underlines MEP Vasile Blaga.

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MEP Vasile Blaga: “Like the common vaccination strategy, the EU needs a unique strategy in implementing vaccination certificates”



© Vasile Blaga/Facebook

Like the common vaccination strategy, the EU needs a unique strategy in implementing the vaccination certificate, according to MEP Vasile Blaga (PNL, EPP).

Vasile Blaga proposes the development of a common EU policy on vaccination certificates leading to the elimination of uneven traffic restrictions in the EU.

”The economic revitalization of the European Union cannot be achieved without a solid strategy on the free movement of EU citizens, and this can be done much faster by implementing vaccination certificates. For example, the relaunch of tourism could be directly helped by the success of the European vaccination campaign in conjunction with the implementation of vaccination certificates at the Union level. In practice, a common EU policy on specific vaccination certificates is a much more viable alternative to the current restrictions on free movement – restrictions that are currently heterogeneous at Member State level “, says MEP Vasile Blaga.

Leaders from the European Union’s (EU) 27-member states came to together for a virtual summit on Thursday with the aim of solving pressing coronavirus-related health and logistical problems confronting the bloc.

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Cristian Bușoi

ITRE Chair Cristian Bușoi calls on EC Vice President Frans Timmermans to make sure the Guidelines of the Single Used Plastic Directive will not go beyond the Directive’s scope



© European Union 2019 - Source : EP

The ITRE Committee Chair, Cristian Busoi, (EPP) has addressed two written parliamentary questions to Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission regarding critical concerns about the Guidelines of the Single Used Plastic Directive.

“The latest version of the Guidelines shared with the Member States shows a tendency on Commission’s side to widen the Guidelines’ scope compared to the Directive text. Our goal is to help the Member States to implement the Directive at national level effectively. Given the concerns raised by member states, the industry, and civil society, all preoccupied with the European citizens’ interest, I expect the European Commission to offer more clarity on this process and make sure the Guidelines do not go beyond the scope of the Directive. ” stated ITRE Chair, Cristian Busoi, according to a press release.

The two questions are:

1) According to the latest version of the Guidelines, the Commission intends to go beyond the Directive’s scope and objectives. Can you confirm that this will not be the case? When the Commission plans to issue the Guidelines having in mind that they are essential for implementing the SUPD.

2) What are the economic costs of replacing the single-use paper packaging in quick-service restaurants with other materials, which use 0% plastic?

Subsequently, together with 32 colleagues from the European Parliament belonging to four European Political Groups, EPP MEP Cristian Busoi signed a joint letter addressed to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President European Commission in charge of the European Green Deal, Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, and Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market, expressing their concerns about the long-waited Guidelines meant to support the Member States for effective implementation of the Single Used Plastic Directive (EU) 2019/904

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ROMÂNIA5 hours ago

Premierul Florin Cîțu: Peste 2,6 milioane de doze de vaccin anti-COVID vor sosi în România în martie


Președintele Iranului, după întâlnirea cu șeful diplomației irlandeze: Soluționarea problemelor cu semnatarii europeni ai acordului nuclear, posibilă doar prin negociri întemeiate pe respect reciproc și pe evitarea amenințărilor și presiunilor


Post-Brexit: Marea Britanie pregătește relaxarea controalelor vamale pentru produsele alimentare și alte importuri din UE pentru a evita o criză a aprovizionării


Piața unică: Comisia Europeană adoptă noi documente orientative pentru a facilita libera circulație a mărfurilor

Corina Crețu13 hours ago

Corina Crețu: Consolidarea drepturilor femeilor confruntate cu dificultăți enorme în România se poate face cu bani europeni

U.E.1 day ago

Angela Merkel avertizează că pandemia Covid-19 ar putea pune în pericol progresele înregistrate în ceea ce privește egalitatea de gen

Dragoș Pîslaru1 day ago

Dragoș Pîslaru vrea să afle opinia factorilor interesați asupra temelor cu impact social din UE: Dialogul social european este ceva ce mi-am propus să întrețin de la începutul mandatului

ROMÂNIA1 day ago

Ministrul apărării Nicolae Ciucă a atras atenția asupra nevoii de prioritizare a digitalizării în domeniul strategic în contextul unei tendințe globale accelerate de pandemia COVID-19

ROMÂNIA1 day ago

Premierul Florin Cîțu: În PNRR sunt alocate sume considerabile pentru construcția de spitale noi. Reforma trebuie să se vadă în investiții

ROMÂNIA1 day ago

Primarul Emil Boc: Abecedarul politicii de locuire la Cluj-Napoca și zona sa metropolitană se bazează pe calitate, coerență și integrare

ROMÂNIA1 day ago

Premierul Florin Cîțu: În PNRR sunt alocate sume considerabile pentru construcția de spitale noi. Reforma trebuie să se vadă în investiții


Nicușor Dan: Primăria Capitalei a depus la MIPE proiecte care însumează 7 miliarde de euro. Acestea vizează domenii precum protecţia mediului, sănătatea, termoficarea, educaţia


Comisia Europeană: Clauza derogatorie generală din cadrul Pactului de Stabilitate și Creștere ar trebui să rămână activă în 2022 pentru o redresare sustenabilă post-pandemie

ROMÂNIA5 days ago

Premierul Florin Cîțu consideră că digitalizarea administrației publice reprezintă ”un mod natural de a îmbunătăți comportamentul statului față de cetățeni”: Va fi finanțată din fonduri europene


Eurodeputatul Marian-Jean Marinescu are convingerea că premierul României va acorda prioritate proiectelor de infrastructură din Oltenia și Nordul Moldovei în vederea recuperării decalajului de dezvoltare între regiuni


Liderii europeni doresc avansarea lucrărilor pentru implementarea Uniunii Sănătății și a Strategiei Farmaceutice pentru Europa

EVENIMENTE1 week ago

Dezbatere | Eurodeputații Cristian Bușoi și Nicu Ștefănuță: UE, în pragul disoluției dacă nu ar fi cumpărat împreună vaccinurile. PE, implicat în campania europeană de vaccinare


Oleg Roibu, director juridic eMAG, consideră că noile norme propuse de Comisia Europeană pentru platformele digitale sunt ”echilibrate”: Majoritatea prevederilor sunt deja implementate de eMAG

EVENIMENTE1 week ago

Dezbatere: Eurodeputații Cristian Bușoi si Nicu Ștefănuță: Este inadmisibil să avem prețuri diferențiate la tratamente. România are nevoie de o politică a medicamentului inteligentă

Dragoș Tudorache1 week ago

Eurodeputatul Dragoș Tudorache: Comisia Europeană trebuie să intervină dur pentru protejarea pieței unice digitale împotriva distorsionării concurenței de către giganții tehnologici