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President Klaus Iohannis launches the national debate on the Future of Europe



© Administrația Prezidențială

President Klaus Iohannis will host the official launch event of the national debate on the future of Europe on Tuesday, 13 July 2021, at the Cotroceni Palace, the Presidential Administration informs in a press release sent to CaleaEuropeană.ro.

The debate will also be attended by Adina Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport, Prof. Valentin Naumescu, Faculty of European Studies, Babeș Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Prof. Alina Bârgăoanu, Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, and Prof. Cristian Pîrvulescu, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences, National School of Political and Administrative Studies. The debate will be moderated by journalist Dan Cărbunaru, director of CaleaEuropeană.ro.

The event will start at 17:00 and will be broadcast LIVE on CaleaEuropeană.ro.

The event aims to debate the objectives and expectations related to the Conference on the Future of Europe, as well as to launch some reflection directions for the orientation of the citizens’ debates that will take place at national level on this topic.

During his speech, the President will refer to the topics of interest for the national debate on the future of Europe, a process which is intended to be primarily a dialogue with European citizens.

The main objective of the debate on the future of Europe will be to strengthen the European project for the benefit of all citizens.

On 9 May 2021, the symbolic launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe took place in Strasbourg. 

The conference is a forum for discussion and reflection on the future of Europe, involving European institutions, Member State governments, national parliaments, citizens, civil society, academia, social partners and other stakeholders.

Discussions related to the Conference on the Future of Europe will take place during 2021 and the first half of 2022 with a view to formulating guidelines for the future of the European Union.

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MEP Vasile Blaga, after the German Chancellor’s announcement: “Romania is closer to Schengen integration”



© Vasile Blaga/Facebook

MEP Vasile Blaga (PNL, EPP) welcomed on Monday the first announcement by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supporting Romania’s accession to the free movement area in a speech given by the German leader in Prague.

“We have an extremely good signal coming from Germany today. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has stated clearly that he supports the accession of Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia to the Schengen area. I hope that this signal coming from one of the main pillars of the European Union will create the basis for the support of the other EU states for the effective accession of Romania and the other two states to Schengen. It is the final element for the Romanians to gain full and equal rights with the other European citizens and, in addition, a historical reparation that Romania has been waiting for over 12 years”, the MEP said in a statement to

According to the liberal MEP, “the postponement of a political decision on the acceptance of our country in Schengen is an unfair debt that the European Union has towards Romania and Romanians”.

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MEP Vasile Blaga: EU energy sector reform called for by the EC is a zero priority for electricity price control



© Vasile Blaga/Facebook

MEP Vasile Blaga (PNL, EPP) argues that “the reform of the EU energy sector called for by the President of the European Commission is a zero priority for electricity price control”.

„Any decision at this point on the EU energy sector is better than no decision. Either way, the galloping electricity price increases must be stopped and the EU must rethink the whole energy system. The decoupling of electricity prices from gas prices, as called for by the Austrian chancellor on Sunday, may be part of the solution to calm the electricity market. In the same context, the decision to cap prices adopted in most EU countries is proving to be nothing more than a desperate solution that only works in the short term and leaves deep scars on national budgets – generalised compensation is not predictable when electricity prices are rising uncontrollably and unpredictably. In the long term, however, capping does not solve the underlying problem”, the MEP told

He also welcomes the position of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: “This is a wake-up call that puts the urgency of reforming the EU’s energy sector on the agenda. We also expect urgent solutions to this problem from the meeting of energy ministers in Brussels on 9 September”, added the Romanian MEP.

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MEP Vasile Blaga: We cannot achieve the green economy goal without gas and nuclear energy as transitional fuels



© Vasile Blaga / Facebook

MEP Vasile Blaga (PNL, EPP) argues that the goal of a green economy cannot be achieved without gas and nuclear energy as transition fuels. He also said it isimportant for Romania to support the European Commission’s proposal to include gas and nuclear energy on the list of transitional fuels.

According to the MEP, Romania, both through the voice of President Iohannis and Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă, has taken a position in favour of the European Commission’s proposal to include gas and nuclear energy on the list of transitional fuels.

“The context of the war in Ukraine, however, has given rise to voices in the European Parliament but also in other quarters who argue that the inclusion of gas in the delegated act would directly support Russia and its gas exports,” he added.

“It is an interpretation that creates a causal chain between two elements that are only circumstantially connected. The fact that gas is still considered a transition fuel to green energy does not mean that there is no gas other than that imported from Russia. Basically, the conflict in Ukraine is being used as an opportunity to reject a balanced and moderate vision of the transition to green energy”, said the Romanian MEP for

“Some colleagues who already had a position contrary to that of the Commission saw the conflict in Ukraine as an opportunity to argue. It is categorically false. We cannot achieve the goal of a green economy without gas and nuclear energy as transitional fuels. In any case, it is in Romania’s direct interest to support the European Commission’s proposal”, concluded MEP Vasile Blaga.

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Președinta Parlamentului European: Ucraina are nevoie de tancuri, iar Europa trebuie să o ajute

U.E.44 mins ago

Suedia a descoperit o a patra scurgere de gaze la conducta Nord Stream 2


România, Franța, Spania și alte 12 țări UE cer o plafonare a prețului la gaze naturale pentru a ține în frâu inflația. Comisia Europeană: Implică riscuri pentru securitatea energetică


Statele Unite asigură că suveranitatea Greciei asupra a două insule din Marea Egee „nu este pusă sub semnul întrebării”

CONSILIUL UE1 hour ago

UE nu va recunoaște niciodată “referendumurile” false și ilegale ale Rusiei în Ucraina: Vom sprijini Ucraina atât timp cât va fi necesar


Zelenski a discutat problema ”referendumurilor rușinoase” cu premierii Canadei, Marii Britanii și cancelarul german

ENERGIE2 hours ago

Bogdan Aurescu a discutat cu subsecretarul de stat al SUA Jose Fernandez despre proiecte bilaterale în domeniul cooperării economice și al energiei

NATO2 hours ago

Mircea Geoană încurajează administrațiile de la București și Washington să vadă România ca pe o “oportunitate multi-regională” de investiții


O delegaţie a SNSPA s-a întâlnit cu preşedintele Biden Institute


De la începutul invaziei ruse, SUA au acordat Ucrainei un ajutor militar de 16,2 miliarde de dolari: Noul sprijin de 1,1 miliarde include 18 sisteme HIMARS

JUSTIȚIE2 days ago

Klaus Iohannis: DNA, un model la nivel european, a contribuit decisiv ca România să fie un pol de stabilitate și un partener strategic pentru partenerii din NATO și UE

ROMÂNIA3 days ago

Nicolae Ciucă, din Japonia: Componenta de securitate și apărare, unul din cei patru piloni de cooperare ai viitorului nostru parteneriat, de mare interes pentru ambele părți

NATO5 days ago

Klaus Iohannis, despre amenințarea Rusiei cu un război nuclear: România, ca parte a NATO, este pregătită pentru orice scenariu. Românii nu trebuie să intre în panică

ROMÂNIA5 days ago

Klaus Iohannis, către antreprenorii români din Silicon Valley: Poate aveți unele lecții care ne-ar folosi în România

ROMÂNIA6 days ago

Nicolae Ciucă: Salutăm interesul manifestat de Banca Japoneză de Cooperare Internațională pentru susținerea marilor proiecte de infrastructură de transport și de producere a energiei verzi

U.E.6 days ago

Ministrul ungar de externe, singurul din UE care s-a întâlnit cu Lavrov la ONU: Există o singură soluție la inflația de război și la prețurile epuizante ale energiei: pacea. Ungaria vrea pace


Ursula von der Leyen îndemnă tânăra generație să apere democrația în fața autocrației: Trebuie să lucrăm la consolidarea acesteia pentru că știm cât de repede se poate schimba istoria

DIASPORA6 days ago

Klaus Iohannis, întâlnire cu românii din SUA: România merge bine şi economia creşte, deși suntem într-o situație complicată din cauza războiului Rusiei în Ucraina

ONU1 week ago

Joe Biden, la ONU: SUA nu caută un război rece cu China, dar vom fi neîngrădiți în a promova o lume liberă, deschisă, sigură și prosperă


De la tribuna ONU, Biden denunță încălcarea Cartei Națiunilor Unite de către Rusia: Un membru permanent al Consiliului de Securitate a încercat să șteargă de pe hartă un stat suveran