Professor Philip Seib: Romania Ramps up Its Public Diplomacy

seibOne of the most famous world specialists in Public Diplomacy, Professor Philip Seib, director, USC Center on Public Diplomacy, Los Angeles, California, USA thinks that Romania begins a new public diplomacy program, after he recently participated, in Bucharest, at the European Forum for Public Diplomacy.

“When public diplomacy issues are discussed, focus tends to be on major powers that are particularly active in this field — the United States, China, Israel, the United Kingdom, Russia, and a few others. But Romania has now announced that it wants to join the big guys’ club, and it is taking purposeful steps toward doing so, wrote Professor Seib, in Huffington Post.

A new public diplomacy program has been created within the office of Romania’s president, Traian Basescu, who has put his personal clout behind its efforts. At a conference in Bucharest last week marking the beginning of the new public diplomacy venture, Basescu said, “Romania is proud of itself,” and he criticized the common depiction of Romania as the source of other countries’ crime problems. This reputation is at least in part a product of racism directed toward Romania’s Roma, or Gypsy, population, members of which are actively discriminated against throughout much of Europe”.

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