UCRAINA. Viktor Ianukovici a anuntat alegeri prezidentiale anticipate in Ucraina

ianukoviciPresedintele Viktor Ianukovici a anuntat oficial vineri alegeri anticipate in Ucraina si revenirea la Constitutia din 2004, se arata intr-un comunicat al presedintiei, potrivit BBC, preluat de HotNews.

Initiez alegeri prezidentiale anticipate si o revenire la Constitutia din 2004”, care reduce din puterile presedintelui in favoarea Parlamentului, potrivit comunicatului.

El a anuntat de asemenea ca va incepe procesul de formare a unui guvern de uniune nationala.

Comunicatul presedintiei (in engleza, publicat de BBC):

“Esteemed compatriots!

“In these tragic days, when Ukraine has suffered such heavy losses, when people have died on both sides of the barricades I see it as my responsibility to the glorious memory of those killed to declare: nothing is more important than human lives. And there are no steps that we cannot take together to restore peace in Ukraine.

“I announce steps required to restore calm and avoid further victims in the stand-off.

“I announce that I will call an early presidential election.

“I will also initiate a return to the constitution of 2004 with a redistribution of powers towards a parliamentary republic.

“I call for the start of a procedure to form a government of national trust.

“As president of Ukraine and guarantor of the Constitution, I am fulfilling my duty to the people, Ukraine and God Almighty in the name of preserving the state, in the name of defending human lives, in the name of peace and calm in our land.”




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