Adina Valean, ENVI Committee Chair: Romania needs dedicated solutions on environment, other than those implemented in more developed countries

Romania is in a precarious situation in a various areas of European environmental legislation and the country report on the assessment of the implementation of the European Union’s environmental policies reveals serious shortcomings in the implementation of the European directives in the field, says Adina Vălean (PNL, EPP), chair of the EP Environment Committee (ENVI).

“We have many delays in implementing environmental policies, as well as situations where poor implementation is rather aggravating problems rather than solving them”, Vălean told in an interview for Hotnews.

As ENVI Chair, Vălean said that Romania has a major gap to the countries with experience and tradition regarding the environmental protection measures since its accession to the EU and that it has to have a different dialogue with European Commission.

“I think we really can say more clearly to the Commission that the gaps we are trying to overcome need specific solutions, other than those implemented in more developed countries. I believe that all European policies can contribute to the welfare and health of citizens if they are assumed, desired by society as a whole: industry, consumers, authorities and NGOs. Rigid policies applied without shades are always doomed to failure even if we pay fines for the infringement”, she added.

In April, Romania had to solve 10 environmental infringement procedures, most of which were waste. At the same time, Romania’s activity in the field of the environment is characterised by the extremely low recycling rate (5%) and the high rate of waste disposal (82%).



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