Adina Vălean, EPP MEP: ”Zero roaming” does not mean it you do not pay anything, but you pay the same price as if you are in your network national

Eliminating roaming charges in the EU, a decision expected by EU citizens to be implemented in mid-2017, according to the joint decision of the European Parliament and the EU Council, does not imply a free of charge for everyone policy, as understood across the public opinion.

During a debate organized by Euranet Plus, Adina Vălean, Vice President of the European Parliament and EPP member, explained what will involve implementing the decision of “no roaming charges” and what is the meaning of “costs zero” abroad.

“The roaming service, in particular, is a telecommunications service that is used by those traveling. Citizens of Member States go on vacation, go to study or go to work abroad and then, of course, we must remember where we started: at some exorbitant rates. In 2007, when the issue of putting ceiling on roaming tariffs was raised first we had a revolution and a lot of enthusiasm. Since then, it went through 3-4 reports of roaming charges, the prices are still low and now, nine years after, the price falling does not seem as spectacular. To give the coup de grace to roaming, the European Parliament voted in the last report the idea of ​​having zero charges. By the end of the year, the European Commission must come up with implementation rules to prevent abuses and once with their adoption we can be sure that in mid-2017, roaming as such will not be charged different than the national telecommunications charges” said Valean.

Roaming is the right to use the network of another operator without having a subscription to it. Consider the following example: Vodafone pays Orange when it uses its network. The idea is not zero roaming in the sense that you do not pay anything, but you pay the same price as if you are in your own national network“, completed the EPP member MEP EPP (for more details please click below).

Starting April 30th 2016, roaming charges must not exceed:

domestic price + up to €0.05 for Outgoing voice calls (per minute)

€0.0114 for Incoming voice calls (per minute)

domestic price + up to €0.02 for Outgoing texts (per SMS message)

domestic price + up to €0.05 for Online (data download, per MB*)

Starting June 15th 2017, roaming tariffs will be completely abolished, according to the decision of the European Parliament and the Council. The roaming charges will be like home – no extra fee, same as domestic price.


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