Azerbaijan’s Forum for the future of humankind

Azerbaijan has become a serious player in the past 10 years, with a coherent vision for development. The idea behind developing good cooperation relations with your neighbors, building enhanced strategic partnerships with the states interested in your country and vicinity and promoting a vision for the development and evolution of humanity, is communication.

This is what Azerbaijan is doing between 2 and 3 October 2014, through the IVth Baku International Humanitarian Forum. Some had said that it is like a Davos Intellectual Forum or a regional development program with a scientific twist. It is more. The Baku International Humanitarian Forum puts forth for discussion possible models for developing and integrating the world, from the scientific point of view to the evolution side of humankind, having a humanistic outcome. It places the human being at the center of all activities and supports this endeavor with the necessary resources, placing education side-by-side with the human being. It could be compared with what we do in the European Union, through the Europe 2020 strategy.

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Of course, having such a courageous objective, the United Nations Organization got involved and had sent a strong message having as basis the Millennium Development Goals and its experience in Azerbaijan. Being organized under the auspices of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Alyiev, and President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and having participants from 59 countries, including Georgia and Ukraine, the Forum provides a platform for dialogue in support of creating peace and prosperity around the world. 

In order to achieve this, the Forum brings together scientists, Nobel Prize winners, representatives of mass media, representatives of the civil society, former heads of states and governments, current ministers, as well as members of parliaments, from all over the world.


I expected only official and diplomatic messages to such an event, yet, some of the former presidents, from the Baltic states and from Croatia, stated very pragmatically their countries interests and that, through their position, they can advise their politicians to return to the people and start listening to what they need. And this should be done differently than we do it currently. It seems that it has become too philosophical and idealistic to speak about how to improve our society and support the evolution of humankind. The clash between the too pragmatic and too idealistic collided in Baku and created the premises for exchange of ideas and finding solutions to problems from a wide range of fields and sectors. Of these scientific domains, the IV Baku International Humanitarian Forum addresses: comparative research into multiculturalism: from theory to humanitarian practice, media transformation in the digital age: new development trade, the role of interdisciplinary integration in innovative development, sustainable development and ecological civilization, challenges of globalization: between tradition and transformation, molecular biology and biotechnology in the 21st century: theory, practice, prospects, covering technologies and outlines of the future: landmark challenges of the 21st century, as well as humanism as basic value in the post-modern era. Supporting the debates of these topics, we have rectors of universities, professors, scientists.

The activities of the Nobel Prize winners that are present at the IVth Baku International Humanitarian Forum range from physics, chemistry, health and medical aspects to economics. They addressed things that are important for the future of mankind, like the problems of the human nature, survival of the human beings and the entire Earth, internet and the telephone, the extend and use of the human mind, magnetic resonance in material science and medical diagnosis etc.. They answered to the problems transdisciplinary, based on their areas of expertise and realized that humankind is too grim, is too pessimistic, it lacks seeing the problems with humor and detachment. It does not build with love.

In the past 10 years, Azerbaijan has developed and progressed very much. It took its rightful place as regional actor in the Southern Caucasus and strengthened a Azerbaijan-Turkey-Kazakhstan Axis, which was needed. By organizing the Baku Humanitarian Forum, Azerbaijan completes the Davos World Economic Forum and the Astana Economic Forum and makes yet another step towards showing the world its potential, its ideas, its organizing strength and its vision. A colleague of mine from India was telling me that when he heard the President of Azerbaijan saying that in five years time they will have no more poverty, he thought maybe we can learn from this situation. Thus, these days in Azerbaijan, one finds the delights of science and humanistic views, combined with the beautiful local traditions, customs and specificities.


For Calea Europeana, Razvan Buzatu, Baku, Azerbaijan







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