Spain, Italy and France: top destinations for holiday trips abroad of EU27 residents in 2011

eu flag..In 2011, EU27 residents made 1.0 billion holiday trips1, of which around one quarter were trips outside the country of residence2 (outbound trips). Looking in more detail at these outbound holiday trips, Spain was the top foreign destination of EU27 residents in 2011 (13% of all outbound trips), followed by Italy and France (both 9%). It should be noted that these figures refer to trips made by EU residents. They do not include trips made by non EU residents to the EU3.

These figures4 are issued by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

In all EU27 Member States, the top destination of outbound holiday trips made by residents in 2011 was a neighboring or nearby country, except for residents of Romania (Italy was the top destination of outbound trips), Sweden (Greece) and the United Kingdom (Spain).

Among the top three destinations of outbound holiday trips, Spain was the preferred holiday destination for residents of Portugal (39% of outbound trips), the United Kingdom (21%) and France (18%), while France was the top destination for residents of Belgium (33%), Luxembourg(23%), Spain and Italy (both 16%), and Italy was the preferred destination for residents of Malta (32%), Austria (22%) and Romania (20%). In addition, Germany was the top destination for holiday trips abroad for residents of the Netherlands (18%), Poland (15%) and Denmark (14%).

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