EPP MEP Adina Vălean: ”If implemented, European environmental legislation will improve the lives of European citizens”

Environment, water quality, resource use, public health are just a few of the areas that should be a priority for any nation, and Romania’s progress in these areas is only a legislative one, explains MEP Adina Vălean, President of the Committee for Environment, Food Safety and Public Health of the European Parliament, in an interview for Politici de Sanatate magazine.

“10 years after joining the European Union, Romania has made progress on environmental performance, but these are more at the legislative level. Although Romania’s legislation correctly reflects the environmental requirements agreed at EU level, their implementation is problematic and here I would mention the lack of adequate planning, coordination and funding”, Vălean said.

“European environmental legislation, if implemented, will improve the lives of European citizens. Water and air quality, recycling rates and nature protection should be increased. Romania needs to improve the management of waste and urban waste water in order to meet EU targets by the end of the final deadlines set in the Accession Treaty, as well as the protection and management of Natura 2000 sites. There is also a need to strengthen public administration for better coordination and increasing the administrative capacity of the authorities and agencies involved in the implementation of EU legislation”, the Romanian MEP said.

The PNL/EPP MEPP also stated that Romania’s activity in the environmental area is characterized by extremely low recycling rate (5%), slightly increased composting rate (11%) and high waste storage rate (82%).

“In order to achieve the 2020 target, which involves the recycling of 50% of municipal waste, Romania will have to invest massively in this area by the deadline. Otherwise, other infringement procedures will be initiated, in addition to the seven already in the waste treatment”, added Vălean.

The full interview is available here.



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