INVEST IN CHILDREN NOW! Leading human rights organisations meet in Dublin with Irish Presidency to strategise on actions to move forward the fight against child poverty in the EU

children playing in the parkOne in four children in the European Union is at risk of poverty, or already experiencing it. That equals 25.3 million children. In the wake of the economic crisis and austerity mmeasures poverty levels are escalating across the continent, particularly child poverty. A recent European Commission Recommendation calls on EU governments to “invest in children – to break thecycle of disadvantage”

“By protecting children from poverty and promoting their well-being, a society can break the cycle of disadvantage. This commitment to children and equity is even more important in times of crisis”, said Philippe Cori, Director of the UNICEF EU Office in Brussels.

Jana Hainsworth, Secretary General of Eurochild stresses that “we urge EU Member States to act now. Child poverty rates have reached peaks of 40% in some EU countries, and millions of children and families are struggling to make ends meet.

Today, Eurochild, EAPN and UNICEF, under the patronage of the Irish Presidency of the EU, are organising a high-profile political roundtable and seminartitled Taking action to fight child poverty and to promote child well-being”, to discuss and strategise on the implementation of the European Commission’s Recommendation at Member States level.

Children, their families and society as a whole – cannot afford that the Recommendation turns out to be a paper exercise. Investing in children is investing in a better future: research has proven that making appropriate investments to prevent child poverty today will reduce healthcare and social protection costs in the future” said Sian Jones, Policy Coordinator of EAPN.

Source: EAPN

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