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mediaTRUST: The top of politicians with the highest number of presences in TV studios



Ecaterina Andronescu (PSD), Daniel Barbu (PNL), Dumitru Pelican (PC), Sulfina Barbu (PDL) and Aurelian Pavelescu (PNTCD) are the most active members of political parties they represent, accordind to mediaTRUST Romania, one of the leading providers of monitoring services.

During the interval July 1-31, 2013, PSD Senator, Ecaterina Andronescu is the most active member of political party she represents with 22  presences in TV studios.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) had the most active member, namely Daniel Barbu, who recorded 16 presences in TV studios.

The Conservative Party’s representatives on TV stations was Dumitru Pelican with 14 presences.

PNTCD was represented by Aurelian Pavelescu who recorded 13 presences in July.

Sulfina Barbu and Adrian Rădulescu are PDL’s most active representatives with 11 presences each.

The journalist Florin Condurăţeanu, from PPDD recorded 10 presences.

TV appearences


PNŢCD president Aurelian Pavelescu is the political leader with the highest number of minutes spent in TV studios, in July, namely 741.

Mihail Neamţu, the president of the New Republic, ranks second with 529 minutes.

PRM President Corneliu Vadim Tudor, is ranked third, with 418 minutes recorded, followed by Victor Ponta (PSD) and Vasile Blaga (PDL). Victor Ponta (PSD) ranks fourth, followed by Vasile Blaga (PDL).

Ecaterina Andronescu  ranks first in the top of  female public figures with the highest number of presences in TV studios, with 22 appearances. The second place is occupied by the lawyer Paula Iacob, with 18 presences in July.

PDL representative, Sulfina Barbu,  occupies the third position during this interval, with 11 appearances. Businesswoman Monica Tatoiu is ranked fourth in the classification, with 10 presences same with the journalist Andreea Pora. Cristina Traila recorded  9 presences.

The first place in the top of male public figures is held by Bogdan Chirieac with 32 presences.

Mugur Ciuvică, the president of the Political Investigations Group Association, ranks second with 25 presences, followed by the journalist Val Valcu, with 24 presences.

Other male public figures present in the top are Liviu Pop (21), Marius Pieleanu and Mirel Palada  with 10 presences each.

mediaTRUST Romania analysis has taken five TV stations into consideration (Antena 3, B1 TV, România TV, Realitatea TV and Digi 24). The report contains information from the shows broadcast by the six TV stations during the time interval 5.00 pm – 11.00 pm, in July 2013.

About mediaTRUST

mediaTRUST Romania was established in 1999 and provides monitoring services to Romanian and foreign companies. Since 2004, the company has been a member of FIBEP, the main international organization of monitoring agencies, and since October 2008 it has been 100% owned by IMM – Institute of Media Monitoring Poland. Clients come from various sectors of the market, from finance to telecommunications, IT, pharmaceuticals, energy, natural gas, oil, education, sports, culture, entertainment, and politics.


MEP Vasile Blaga: The most effective weapon against Russia’s blackmail to turn off the gas tap is EU solidarity



© Vasile Blaga/Facebook

The cut-off of gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria should be the start of the EU finding solutions to disconnect Europe from the Russian Federation, said MEP Vasile Blaga (PNL, EPP).

The MEP stressed that the most effective weapon against Russia’s blackmail to turn off the “gas tap” is EU solidarity.

“A generalised and overnight disconnection of Europe from Russian resources is not realistic, but in the medium and long term it is the only solution. The dependence of large EU economies – such as Germany’s – is a major obstacle to this necessary disconnection, but a united reaction, comparable to that during the pandemic, can provide the solutions to get out of this situation, which is immoral to say the least”, said the liberal MEP for the

According to the MEP, it is necessary, as a first step, even if only in principle, for all EU Member States to speak “with one voice” on eliminating energy dependence on Russia.

“It is obvious that the European democratic architecture is incompatible with the immoral paradox of financing Russia’s war machine in the context of military aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine. Then, without delay, we need to take concrete steps that will bring us within a reasonable timeframe closer to this priority objective”, added the EPP MEP.

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MEP Vasile Blaga will vote against transnational lists: This kind of electoral system would reduce democracy in the EU



© Vasile Blaga / Facebook

The proposal for transnational lists for the upcoming European Parliament elections will be on the agenda of next week’s plenary session in Strasbourg, said MEP Vasile Blaga (PNL, EPP).

“In short, it is about two votes that voters should exercise. One, as at present, for MEPs who will represent national constituencies. The second vote is for 28 MEPs from a European Union constituency, proposed by coalitions of European political parties, national voters’ associations and European political parties,” the MEP explained to CaleaEuropeană.ro.

According to the MEP, this is a hybrid system that dilutes electoral representation and creates a greater distance between representatives and represented.

“My vote will be against this initiative, as will the vote of my political group, the EPP. Those who support transnational lists say they do it to increase democracy in the EU. I would say that this argument is completely wrong, such an electoral system would reduce democracy in the EU as voters will vote for people they do not know”, said Vasile Blaga.

He said that the issue is highly disputed within the EPP group, but the vast majority is “inclined to reject this system which, moreover, would clearly benefit large countries and disadvantage medium and small countries”.

“Moreover, such a system goes beyond the EU’s remit and in many countries even requires changes to their constitutions”.

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EP S&D Group President: There is no excuse not to allow Romania to join the Schengen area. It has met all the requirements the EU has asked of it



© Marcel Ciolacu - Twitter

The President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, Iratxe Garcia Perez, told a press conference with PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu on Monday that there is “no excuse” not to allow Romania to be accepted into the Schengen area and remain in this “situation of inequality with other countries”.

Iratxe Garcia Perez is visiting Romania. She will visit the port of Isaccea, where thousands of Ukrainian refugees have arrived in recent weeks. Afterwards, the delegation will go to Galați for a meeting with local authorities and a visit to the refugee centre, and the next day the visit continues to the Republic of Moldova.

“I would like to thank the President of the Social Democrats in the European Parliament for his presence in Romania and his support for the PSD and our country at key moments, particularly at this very difficult time given what is happening in Ukraine,” said PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu.

The two discussed the European response to the current situation in the economic, social and humanitarian fields.

“I presented to Mrs Perez the steps taken by the social democratic ministers to manage the refugee situation in Ukraine and, at the same time, our country’s ambition for Romania to become a strategic regional hub for the reconstruction of Ukraine and the development of the Black Sea area. Romanians have shown that they can be a positive example at European level”, continued Marcel Ciolacu.

The PSD president also reiterated that Romania should join the Schengen area as soon as possible in order to increase Romania’s role in the region. 

“We need a common response from the EU regarding the energy crisis, the future approach in the field of agriculture, as well as to support the states bordering Ukraine”, said Marcel Ciolacu, after the meeting with the leader of the Social Democrat group in the European Parliament.

For her part, Iratxe Garcia Perez stressed that Romania meets all the technical criteria required by the European Union in order to join the Schengen area.

“There is no excuse for this not to be a reality as soon as possible. There is no excuse not to allow Romania to be accepted into the Schengen area and remain in this situation of inequality with other countries. Romania has done its job, Romania has fulfilled all the requirements that the EU asked of it to join the Schengen area”, said the chair of the S&D Group in the European Parliament.  

At the end of his speech, Iratxe Garcia Perez offered Romania his personal and political commitment to “work together to make this a reality as soon as possible”.

“Romania is showing what the EU needs, namely solidarity and commitment. And we must respond to all this generosity that the Romanian people are showing towards the EU”, she added.

Iratxe Garcia Perez also discussed how Romanian citizens and authorities reacted to the war in Ukraine.

“I want to thank you for your hard work and for the solidarity shown by the Romanian people in these difficult times. Today I could see with my own eyes that the Romanian Government and the Romanian people are working with great commitment, respecting the principles and values of the European Union, and it has been proven once again that you are doing this in an exemplary way for the whole EU. We have seen for ourselves by visiting the school centre where a group of minors from an orphanage in Ukraine are being cared for and received in a way that deserves appreciation. It is an example of how we should act in the EU,” she told the conference at PSD headquarters.

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NATO9 hours ago

Jens Stoltenberg a discutat cu Recep Tayyip Erdogan despre importanța politicii NATO a ”ușilor deschise”, în încercarea de a-l convinge să renunțe la opoziția față de aderarea Finlandei și Suediei la NATO

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România trimite Ucrainei măști chirurgicale, viziere și combinezoane

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În fața ”provocărilor secolului XXI”, SUA și Coreea de Sud se angajează să ”aprofundeze cooperarea în domeniul tehnologiilor critice și emergente, precum și în cel al securității cibernetice”


Canada interzice comerțul cu bunuri de lux cu Rusia și adaugă alte 14 persoane pe lista sancțiunilor

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Ministrul britanic de externe: Moldova ”ar trebui echipată conform standardelor NATO”

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MAE l-a contactat pe ambasadorul Ungariei în România după ce președinta Katalin Novak a declarat că își ”asumă calitatea de reprezentant al tuturor maghiarilor, indiferent unde aceştia locuiesc”

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Germania respinge ideea constituirii unei noi datorii comune europene pentru a finanța reconstrucția Ucrainei

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Uniți pentru Ucraina: UE, România și alte 40 de țări, printre care SUA și Regatul Unit, sprijină Ucraina împotriva Rusiei la Curtea Internațională de Justiție

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Marcel Ciolacu: România trebuie să aibă capacitatea de absorbţie a mărfurilor din Ucraina către UE şi zona non-UE

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Sprijin pentru Ucraina: G7 promite 19,8 miliarde de dolari pentru a menține pe linia de plutire economia ucraineană devastată de războiul declanșat de Rusia

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Marcel Ciolacu: România trebuie să aibă capacitatea de absorbţie a mărfurilor din Ucraina către UE şi zona non-UE

G71 day ago

Sprijin pentru Ucraina: G7 promite 19,8 miliarde de dolari pentru a menține pe linia de plutire economia ucraineană devastată de războiul declanșat de Rusia

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Viktor Orban consideră că ”anul 2024 va fi unul decisiv, al marelui test”: Conservatorii trebuie ”să recucerească instituțiile” din Bruxelles și Washington

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Klaus Iohannis și Nicolae Ciucă salută prezența militarilor portughezi în România: Realitatea ne determină să consolidăm mai departe apărarea NATO în regiunea Mării Negre

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Eugen Tomac, pledoarie pentru R. Moldova în Parlamentul European: Locul acesteia este în UE. Poporul său este unul european

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Bogdan Aurescu a propus, la ONU, realizarea unui coridor internațional de transport pentru facilitarea exporturilor de produse alimentare din Ucraina


Președinta Parlamentului European, mesaj către ”prietena” Maia Sandu: Republica Moldova își are locul în familia europeană. Nu putem să ne dezamăgim vecinii care privesc spre Europa


Maia Sandu, discurs istoric de la pupitrul Parlamentului European: Crimeea este Ucraina, Donbas este Ucraina, Kiev este Ucraina. Și vor fi întotdeauna


În aplauzele Parlamentului European, Maia Sandu a cerut o decizie politică pentru candidatura R. Moldova la UE: Este luminița de la capătul tunelului, farul care ne ghidează în această furtună cumplită

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Premierul Greciei, discurs istoric în Congresul SUA: Nu vom accepta încălcarea suveranității și a drepturilor noastre teritoriale. Ultimul lucru de care are NATO nevoie este o altă sursă de instabilitate pe aripa de sud-est a Alianței